Do you need the hreflang links on your Prestashop e-commerce?

This module will add the hreflang links in most of the pages of your ecommerce, without any setup.

Last updated: June 1st 2017

Once you have completed all the translations on your site, you noticed several errors on Google webmastertools, there should be "duplicated content" errors, or the "no return tag" issue. Why are you getting those errors and what can you do to solve them?

Duplicated content

Well, if your content is really duplicated, ok, you got an issue, and the only way to solve it is to write down your own, original, content.
But, if the issue is from having different languages for the same product, well, the Hreflang Prestashop module could help you in this.
The Hreflang for Prestashop will detect all the language versions of a given product page (and many other type of pages) and tells Google that all the language versions of that page are the same page in different languages and not different pages with the same contents in it.

Google Webmaster tools gives you errors?

This module for prestashop could help you, it will resolve all the international targeting errors

No return tag

The "no return tag" issue happens when you got the page A that says to Google that page B is the (lets say) English version of page A, but there isn't the same link on the page B, infact there should be an hreflang link also on page B, telling that page A is the (lets say) French version of B.

There are known issues about this error, Google will recognize a page URL also by parameters, this means that "" and "" are two different pages, this is not an hreflang issue but it can be handled by using a canonical link or activating SEF URLS on your site.
This will not solve the issue entirely, it just put a patch on it, but unfortunately, link that target your site with some parameters, or with a bad link (for example not encoded in a proper way), will generate this error on the webmaster tool. Here some discussions about this issue: - community

Download the hreflang module for prestashop 1.6

The only thing I ask is a little donation, since I have spent time on it.

How it works?

A pratical example:
let's say we are on a page:
In the head of the page, these links will be created (of course all the links exists):
link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-us" href=""
link rel="alternate" hreflang="it" href=""
link rel="alternate" hreflang="gb" href=""
link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-au" href=""
link rel="alternate" hreflang="en-ca" href=""
Here we are, no more duplicate contents on all those "en" pages!

Solve the hreflang issues
on your Prestashop site

The module works on prestashop versions 1.4, 1.5, 1.6

Easy to install

There is nothing to do

Just install the module like any other module on Prestashop, activate it, and you are done, no settings, everything is automated.

Works on different pages

not only product pages

The Hreflang module works perfect on category pages, on product pages, on any CMS pages and now also on the index!

Works on any language you create

Just be sure to create it right!

Remember that you need to set up languages in the right way, please take a quick look at wikipedia, to better understand the languages codes

Unfortunately, is not been tested on multisite

Yes, shame on me, I did not test on a multisite

This module works perfectly on any 1.6 Prestashop installation, but if you are using the multisite feature, I haven't tested it, so if you find that the module is working, please let me know.

Donate and Download

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Who is using the module out there?

This is a list of sites using the hreflang module, if you want to appear in this list, please contact me.

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