Domination 2.0

A game about conquest new territories to have the biggest area and win a link on the homepage of the game itself.
If you think about it, is something like a SEO people's game to win a link.
Scroll down to see the highscores, rules, an the login.

🏆 Actual winner: ThreeHill 🏆

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Actual Scores

Username color Number of tiles
ThreeHill 158
Peorthyr 111
ilpizza 98
EvilMe 59
Klem 19

What is this and how I'm supposed to play?

What you win?

The player with more territory is the winner, and as long as this condition is met, his username and link is listed in the frontpage of the game and in the main game window, the link can be setted with an anchor text too. (of course the link is "dofollow")

How it works

Domination is a game about conquest, you have a finite amount of turns and you start with a single tile, you have to conquest as much tiles as possible. Simple as this.
Once an hour the game will count your territory and give you more turns, every 25 tiles, you will earn 1 turn.
Conquering free, uncharted territory is always a win, so expanding on free territory is quite easy, but once you face an opponent, you will attack that territory with a dice roll (D6), the attacked territory will defend itself with another dice roll.
if the attacker rolls a number greater than the defender, the attacker wins, otherwise the defender will keep its territory. (This procedure is automatic)


You can only conquest new tiles near your actual territory.
You can move with the arrowkeys, or pressing the arrows in the bottom left corner of the screen.
You can see your turns and your territories on the top left corner.
You can logout and view the highscores on the top right corner.

What happens if I lost all the territory?

You will restart in another location with some turns and a single tile.

Good Luck.